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Instructor Federico Avella trained and grew up in the GM Bos school. He began practicing Taekwon-Do at the age of 6 then, after a few years, he devoted himself exclusively to football in which he achieved excellent team results.

He then decides to return to training in the gym and resumed applying himself in a very serious way to both the practice of Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing, starting an excellent competitive path.


In 2019 he acquired the degree of Black belt I dan Taekwon-Do ITF and began to collaborate in teaching at the Sparta Pugilato Gym.

In 2021 he was promoted to the degree of II dan Taekwon-Do ITF


In 2021 he acquires the degree of black belt 1 degree of Kickboxing FEDERKOMBAT WAKO.

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