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KICKBOXING is a combat sport. It is a discipline divided into different specialties that may seem very similar but in reality have different characteristics that make this sport extremely varied.


Kickboxing can be useful as self defense for men and women.

According to the characteristics of the person, the instructor directs towards semi-contact or light-contact; a separate discussion is reserved for full-contact, for which special training is required, as well as greater diligence in preparation and attendance for both amateurs and professionals.


Semi-contact is a type of point and limited contact combat that develops alertness and speed. It can be said that semi-contact is the "foil" of martial arts, with the only difference that the body arts are used instead of foil.


Light contact is perhaps the highest technical expression of kickboxing. It is a type of light contact combat, continued over a distance of 2 rounds of 2 minutes each. In this case, there is the possibility to move freely on the fighting square and without the referee stopping the match after every single technique scored (as is the case for semi-contact).


Our instructors are dedicated to teaching the following disciplines:





The coaches and athletes of TEAM BOS ROMA are accredited and registered with FEDERKOMBAT, the representative of WAKO in Italy, and participate in numerous regional, national and international competitions and events.


The Instructor Timothy Bos, in addition to holding in the Light Contact -63 kg the European WAKO Seniores 2018, World WAKO Seniores 2017 and 2019 and Juniores 2014 titles, the European WAKO Juniores 2015 title and that of European Vice-Champion 2016, is Italian Sen. -63 kg in office and member of the FIKBMS Italian Senior National Team.

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