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TAEKWON-DO is a martial art of Korean origin based on the harmonious and balanced use of arms and legs for the execution of kicks and punches.


Taekwon-Do, which literally means "Art of flying and hitting with your fist" is not only a self-defense method based on the use of punches and kicks, but implies a lifestyle aimed at knowing one's self.


It is a very dynamic sports activity, suitable for all ages, perfect for developing a harmonious and fit body, it helps in concentration and study.


The discipline is based on 5 fundamental principles that guide the child and the adult on a path of well-being and peaceful coexistence with others:








The practice includes actual combat, self-defense exercises and the execution of "Forms", coded attack and defense movements, which can be performed at an amateur or competitive level in national and international competitions.

The type of training develops and promotes muscle elasticity, agility, motor coordination and helps to strengthen memory and the ability to concentrate.


During the year, exams are held periodically for the passage of rank and belt.


Our school practices the ITF style in full collaboration with the FITAE-ITF Italian Taekwon-Do Federation ITF and the ASI Sports Promotion Agency.



"To increase wisdom in man, to give birth to and develop dignity in his soul, the awareness of his own physical and moral abilities, distancing him from any act of violence and injustice, this is the supreme goal of TaeKwon-Do".

- Gen. Choi Hong Hi, founder of Taekwon-Do







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